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Caroline read English and History at university which gave her a solid foundation in research and understanding how writing conveys messages on an emotional level. She worked for 7 years as a Senior Compliance Officer at an insurance company focused on meeting FSA compliance regulations through corporate documentation. The opportunity then arose to work for a small business and steer their sales, marketing literature, website copy and content industry magazine articles.

Caroline’s innate understanding of the customer base and ability to connect to their challenges and pain points, helped her to devise on and offline content

that spoke to them and grew a successful brand-new product line. Her experience in increasing brand awareness and hearing customers’ is a massive asset in establishing a content strategy for ambitious businesses ready to level up.

What Caroline delivers for clients

Content creation and copy writing at a high level is Caroline’s strength. She has 8 years of experience in sales and marketing including technical consultancy in establishing a German product in the UK market. Caroline’s experience in understanding messaging and connecting a product to client’s emotions and pain points will enable her to steer content messaging and produce optimised marketing content as part of a developed business strategy.


After university, Joe became interested in online marketing, at that stage, search engine optimisation was only just becoming a way for a company to grow customers online. Following a period of freelancing Joe decided to start his own business. Over the past 15 years, Joe has evolved his marketing agencies as the online world shifted and developed.

He is vastly experienced in online marketing application and strategy and has been involved in all levels of campaigns including brands that marketed across several countries and languages. iContent, for Joe, is the bringing together of that knowledge and experience and he has an acute understanding of the impact of the fundamentals of marketing when applied correctly. Joe brings a wealth of knowledge and experience on a strategic level as well as being fully capable of implementing a complex marketing strategy, utilising a multi-channel approach.

What Joe delivers for clients

Marketing strategy is Joe’s strength, his ability to feed into a marketing team and help steer the overall strategy will be an asset. His extensive knowledge of online marketing techniques and SEO will not only be utilised during this element of the project, but it can also be applied to the aspects of the marketing plan he is not directly involved in. In short, having an experienced online marketer on the marketing team will give perspective and understanding of all online and offline endeavours and where one might impact or help another.

Mandee Kaur
Mandee KaurBusiness Support
Rebecca Brenner
Rebecca BrennerSocial Media Consultant

Intelligent Content Creation

We feel it is important to us that our customers understand who we are and what we do. We have over 50 years of combined experience in online marketing, content creation, business strategy and running businesses. We understand the challenge of growing a business and all that it involves.

iContent is the result of two experienced business people, with a deep understanding of running businesses online. Our service can deliver quick wins and techniques to ensure your website will work for you, attract the right customers and be seen in the search results.

We are an experienced, genuine business team.

Our goal is simple, to help businesses understand the importance of content, to help them grow and to target the right customers for each individual business.

We are genuinely a friendly bunch, so come and have a chat, we will be able to help you and unravel running a business online.

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