As business owners, we all have that feeling of wanting to reach the next level and having the time to work on our business rather than on it, your website, which is an extremely powerful sales tool, is often put on the back burner. The time, brain power, and resource needed for this project can feel overwhelming as often we’re rightly focused on current clients and reliant on referrals.

This blog is designed to help you with a starting point, a point where you can at least start the ball rolling, and ways in which you can create quick wins and momentum to ensure you get the best out of your website.

We all know that doing something well is always the best way in any area of our lives, but we also know it’s sometimes the hardest road and therefore we need to fully focus on the job at hand, something that is hard sometimes as a busy MD or business owner.

What is the answer? Well, we all know that your site has potential, it needs to say what you want it to say, speak to who you want to work with, and cover all your services and products. It is a tough gig to build a site that does all that, but we all know if we get that magic formula your site will work for you and reflect who you are and your business to attract your ideal clients.

Here are a few considerations/exercises to help start the process. Write them in your notes on your phone, and scribble them down on a pad. Start the process, because it will yield results and solidify what your website will look like to create that perfect platform for your business.

1. Consider what you would do if you met someone in person, would you hand them a brochure and say, ‘look through that”. Of course not, so why have you created a website that is just a brochure? List down what makes your business unique, what kind of customer you want, and how you want them to contact/interact with you. This exercise will quickly show you where your site is lacking in terms of how you want your customer to interact with you and vice versa.

2. The next exercise follows the same principle. If you met someone in person, would you just hand them a list of services? Or do you have specific services you prefer customers to buy or specific products that you want to push? Is there a principal service or product that then leads to other purchases? This is forming your customer journey – is there a natural starting point that helps the customer to understand your products and services, and are there steps they can follow to help them understand they need your products and services?

3. Again, think about what you would do after you have talked to someone in person, would you hand them a card, or would you rather they went through a sales process that worked? How can this translate online? Do you want to set up a meeting? Ask them to email you, fill in a form online, send information, and so on. List down ways in which you want your customers to interact with you, does your website promote this? Are there natural calls to action (CTA) in your sales process? Is there enough on our site to promote engagement?

4. Much the same process can be applied to tone and how you speak to your prospects. Do you use the same approach each time you speak to a potential customer in person? This is unlikely because you want to tailor each encounter to specific needs and requirements. So again, list down points that are pertinent to all clients and list those requirements from your ideal customers. This will form how you can add content within your customer journey that caters to different client types. For example, you may cater to trade and retail clients, there is a completely different narrative to each client base that needs to be catered for.

5. Finally think about how it all comes together in a digital format, how your information flows, and how a customer experiences your sales process. Do you get your personality in the process, is your brand reflected well and shown as unique and trustworthy? The flow of a website or the customer journey is vital to how you engage with your prospects, the magic formula is to consider all the above points to create a website that truly reflects you, and your brand offers the right information, and speaks to the right people. It is a process that can be challenging but if you break it down you will see how clear it becomes and how easy it is to start making changes to your website and get it to work for you.

The message here is clear, you can’t afford to neglect your online presence if you want to scale up and attract the right clients for your business. Yes, it is challenging but, as you know, by breaking it down you can start the process and you will quickly see how your website needs to change.

Don’t keep putting your web presence on the back burner because you feel it is too much work or you don’t quite understand or know where to start.

At iContent, we broadcast content to be helpful and to show we understand, not only the online world but the trials and challenges of business owners.

If you would like help with any part of this process or if you have gone through this process and are ready to scale up, come to talk to us about how we can help you get to the next level and attract the right kind of customers for you.

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About the Author: Joe James

Joe has been working in the world of online marketing for 15 years, he has a large amount of experience in SEO, social media, paid search and content marketing.