We know that word of mouth, referrals and recommendations are hugely powerful marketing tools. Many of us will ask friends or family about a product or service they have experienced to gauge how trustworthy and reliable that brand or business are.

This however relies on a small circle of potential for your business, in terms of way of generating leads it’s finite. If you’re worried about this for your potential to grow, it’s the topic of today’s blog.

Level up

If you’re a business owner who has achieved success and built their business reputation, providing value for their clients and those clients in turn have put them forward for other clients it’s served you well. The chances are however if you’re reading this blog that you’ve reached a certain level and you want to scale up.

The power of networking

We know that word-of-mouth, referrals, and recommendations are powerful, but even this in a post-pandemic world largely exists online. The LinkedIn community is a brilliant way of interacting with potential clients in a targeted niche way. This is not about spamming LinkedIn inboxes, it’s more about taking the time to engage with information they share, hashtags that are used are relevant to your market and understanding this is a whole new way of connecting to people that helps you move forward.

Why word of mouth and referrals alone will not help you scale up

As discussed at the start of this blog, of course that method is powerful but in terms of organic search and growing beyond clients that know your business, there is no choice but to get visible online:

Visibility online + traffic to your website + leads + sales = profit, success & growth

This experience in online marketing is why we developed the online visibility formula. It’s a simple process where we provide a baseline ranking report on your keywords in month one and optimise your website. Month two and three we add niche, specific, content in the form of articles, blogs, case studies, FAQs basically anything that answers the questions your clients are asking containing targeted keywords which then generates a page Google can index to answer their problem.

At the end of this process, we then produce a final ranking report. We know through tried and tested online marketing, SEO and content combined that this works. It is the quickest way to demonstrate to customers the power of being visible through rankings. We don’t promise sales or leads, because that side of your business comes through you but it’s quite easy to see how the more visible you are online through your website, the more likely you are to generate sales.

Creating your content brand voice

When you start to think about scaling up, invariably you turn the spotlight back on yourself. Does a website really reflect who we are? Is it speaking to our ideal clients? What do we want to say and who do we want to say it to? If that’s where you are then it could be that you need some development around your content brand voice. This is about extracting your personality and the unique value you bring to your clients and making sure everything about your content says that.

Get started

You might be reading this thinking “do you know what, I know exactly who we are, I know what we want to say and how we want to say it”. You may well have already realised that word-of-mouth and referrals will not help you level up and you’re itching to get started by using the online visibility formula. Nothing makes us happier than helping businesses get their message out there.

Published On: April 20th, 2022 / Categories: Content Marketing /

About the Author: Joe James

Joe has been working in the world of online marketing for 15 years, he has a large amount of experience in SEO, social media, paid search and content marketing.