Most of us create a website at the start of our business. We put all our effort and energy into that process and at that stage it’s correct but what if your business has evolved? Will it say what you want after 1 year or even 2?

We are not for one minute suggesting you continually rewrite your website but there is a wealth of information out there that states for search engines to rank your site, it must continue to add content so how do you do it without using up large chunks of time reviewing your site at the end of every year?

Nothing in life or rankings stays the same

As businesses, our focus changes and all markets change and with that of course search engines adapt to reflect what people are searching for. In a post-pandemic world, the workplace landscape, products and services and the way we conduct business has changed forever. Whilst online marketing has always existed, businesses haven’t always existed online but now they simply must have a digital presence. Here are some of the reasons that rankings change, and content must evolve:

  • Shift in demands

  • New questions

  • Different pain points

  • New products

  • New services

  • Market changes

The chances are you’re responsive to your market and have changed your products or services to meet that shifting need. The issue comes when we don’t broadcast these positive developments through the content on our website. Often in business, companies do themselves a disservice why not shouting about their brilliant response to changes in demand. Nothing in life stays the same, we can’t stay still in business and what our customers want will always change.

As businesses, our focus changes and all markets change and with that of course search engines adapt to reflect what people are searching for

No need to rewrite your website

If you’re reading this and thinking “I can’t face the massive task of reviewing the content on my website” fear not; you do not need to do this. You can meet the shift in the market and the changes in your customer searches by adding fresh content regularly to your website. This can take the form of a blog, article or case study that addresses their fears, emotions, and needs.

For anyone who doesn’t understand how a blog or article can be helpful they are in fact a critical part of an SEO strategy. This is because Google will rank those blogs and articles as individual pages and therefore when customers type search terms into a search engine, it will present that piece of content as the answer to your customer search. Therefore, it should quickly become clear how you can react to market demands and searches and increase online visibility.

What content do I publish?

If you’re reading this and feeling like you’re not sure how you want your brand voice to sound, what kind of messaging would resonate with your customers messaging, how to evolve and develop your content then it is worth considering building a brand content profile. This is a process that teaches you what you already know and how to put that into words.

It’s about capturing that unique value that your business has for your clients and capturing that in niche, specific, targeted content. If you already know who you are then what are you waiting for? It’s time to get started publishing some incredible content that helps you get visible and improves your rankings.

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