Creating content is time consuming and can be draining. You put masses of effort and time into producing an article or blog that you feel is important so when you expend this much energy into creating that content, it can therefore be incredibly disappointing when it doesn’t attract clients or any engagement. Below is a list of reasons why you might not be getting engagement:

  • Content added to website that is not optimised
  • No clear brand voice or identity
  • No sense of your target audience
  • You’re not sharing them on your socials
  • They don’t show clear value or results
  • They don’t connect emotionally with the reader
  • They are content for contents sake

Your website is not optimised

If your website is not optimised, then it really is like putting brand new state of the art alloy wheels onto a clapped out or banger. An SEO expert will optimise your site by looking at the title tags, the meta descriptions and ensuring everything about the site structure is configured so that search engines can understand it and know how to categorise it. Having a home page that has a title sat behind it that is simply “home” tells Google nothing. Images on your site need titles as again a simple JPEG code is of no help to a search engine. Think of optimising as lifting the shutters up on your online shop so that everybody can see you. When you add content, you are drawing visitors over the threshold into the shop.

Brand voice

Your brand voice is incredibly important. It’s the tone and feel you want to have across all your content. Your brand voice underpins everything that you do in content creation. It reflects your values and is the sound you want to have in all your messaging. Bear in mind that potential buyers find you on websites, through blogs and articles, and your socials so that brand voice must be consistent.

Target audience

It may sound like an obvious thing to say but you should always have your ideal client in your mind when creating content. You should be able to read it back and recognise who you are speaking to. It has to address those buyers pain points and fears so that when they learned on that content they’re thinking “wow, that’s me! These guys really know what they’re talking about”

Share on your socials

We all know what a headache social media content creation can be so if you add a blog or article a week to your website then share it across your socials, it gives you a day of content. All efforts on social media should be about drawing your readers to your website because that is your main location for sales.

Content for contents sake

What do we mean by content for content’s sake? This is when you are putting out content that either doesn’t have your ideal client in mind or it doesn’t connect with them emotionally or provide value or results. You may well have had an incredible away day with your team but think about that as image content and short text for your socials because on your website, it does nothing for your ideal client and it doesn’t help search engines to rank your site. You need to do everything possible help search engines understand what you do and how you help people. We do most things in life from an emotional place and that includes buying. We have pain or an issue that needs to be resolved, and your products and services do that for your buyers. You must connect to those emotions and pain and provide value or talk about the results of working with you for your content to become engaging, specific, niche, and targeted.

Published On: February 21st, 2022 / Categories: Content Marketing, content service /

About the Author: Joe James

Joe has been working in the world of online marketing for 15 years, he has a large amount of experience in SEO, social media, paid search and content marketing.