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We often get asked a number of different questions relating to our product and servcies, here are the most common for your review.

Why do I need to add content to my site?2021-09-26T13:34:07+00:00

Content has always been important, whether it is speaking to the right customer, relaying your products and services to the major search engines, or offering important and relevant information to your market sector. Content, and how you provide it, it a vital way in which to gain business and become an authority within your chosen field.

Why is content so important to the search engines?2021-09-26T13:34:19+00:00

Google has released guidelines as to how and why you should upload and add content to your site, Google released an important core update in December 2020, they referenced the guidelines again, making it very clear that websites containing content within those guidelines are much more likely to be respected and therefore rank well within the search results.

What kind of content do you produce?2021-09-26T13:34:36+00:00

Content comes in many different forms, from professionally produced blog post and news stories, to case studies and sales orientated website content. Our bespoke service creates a complete understanding of your business, brand, customers and intent, to produce an effective content strategy that will increase your customer base and grow your business reputation.

Can I not write the content myself?2021-09-26T13:35:10+00:00

Yes, of course, but our service is not only designed to save you time but also to draw on our extensive knowledge of online marketing and content strategy to ensure your website is working for you. We know you are experts in your field, we wouldn’t suggest we try and do what you do, our cost effective service will build your business. Essentially we save you time in your day to concentrate on what you do best, this is what we do best.

How will adding content to my website increase business?2021-09-26T13:35:23+00:00

Adding regular content is important to how you market your website, for example, your main website pages speak to your clients directly, outlining your products and services but, there are many ways in which a person joins your customer journey. A blog post, for example, addressing a particular concern or query is much likely to rank well in the search engines and therefore attracting ready to buy customers to your site. A good content strategy covers the entire customer journey, attracting the right customers to your site.

What do I need to do within your service?2021-09-26T13:35:40+00:00

In short, very little as our content service is designed to do everything for you. After the initial consultation, we will have a good idea of your business and goals. We will then research and look to offer the best content strategy to match those goals saving you time, helping you build your business and reputation and ultimately attracting ‘ready to buy’ customers to your site from a variety of different channels.

Do you offer more than content?2021-09-26T13:35:53+00:00

Yes, much more, we have a collective 30 years experience in online marketing and content strategies, we offer an advanced service where we become your marketing team and help grow your business looking at brand, customer journey, website optimisaion, content and social media strategies.

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