Attracting your ideal client with your content is of course the Holy Grail of any business. When you nail your messaging then you are able to speak to them in a way that connects and resonates ensuring they want to use your products and services.

Create niche and specific content

You can’t be all things to everybody so the more niche or specific you become both with your products and services and your content, the more business you will generate. To give you an example, if you sell a diet solution calling it just that in the market when there are so many others doing the same thing, is not going to make you stand out. If, however you know that the bulk of your sales come from the mothers of young children then use that in your title content. For example:

  • How to help new mums to lose weight
  • Diet solutions for busy mums
  • Simple and effective food plan for working mums

You have nailed your niche in the titles of your content ensuring that the buyer will identify with what you offer, and you have signposted to search engines precisely how to rank the content.

Help to ease their pain and solve their problems

We know that people buy emotionally so it’s important that your content speaks to your buyer’s pain. You need to heap as much misery into the content as possible because when you show them you understand where they are at, it demonstrates an understanding that automatically makes you the answer. A case study can work well in this regard because it literally takes the buyer from a to b: the client was in this pain, and we took them out of it.

Who is your ideal client?

Businesses spend so long trying to work out who this mystical individual is. If you are already in business then think about the clients you have already that pay well and on time, use up very little of your energy and are a pleasure to deal with. It’s likely there is a pattern and consistency to who these people are that helps you to identify your ideal client. If you are a new business starting out, then you could be guilty of trying to crowbar in a client type or sector that really isn’t suited to your business. So how do you decide who they are?

Your ideal client is in fact you.

Whilst this may sound completely out there, just consider for a moment the truth in this statement. The iContent team were privileged recently to take part in some messaging training from the brilliant Brandon Lucero. Brandon hit the nail on the head when he made this statement given most of us have started our businesses from a place of passion because we as individuals care deeply about moving people forward. This is usually born from frustration with the way a specific service or product didn’t work for us which sparked the desire to change it. Therefore, you will always be talking to yourself with your content as you are your ideal client. Instead, we tend to target sectors because we think they will generate income and change our language and the way we create content to match that sector instead of reflecting who we really are.

How do you attract your ideal client with content? Talk the way you want to be spoken to.

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