It can often be the case that a business doesn’t transfer the concept of an ideal client to their online voice. It might be something that has been considered in house with the marketing plan but this is not reflected on their website. For anyone who has not considered who their ideal client is, let’s discuss what this is and how it relates to online marketing.

How to define your ideal client

Most businesses already have a client base but having customers is different from attracting your ideal client. It can often be the case that some of your clients have unrealistic expectations and use up lots of your time. In other words you expend too much energy on them for not enough return. Your ideal client is distinct from this as we are talking about people that understand your service, want it and you’re not trying to persuade them into using your products or service. Your ideal client pays on time, values your brand and you do not have to over deliver.

Content profile

In an initial client meeting we ask our client what are their business goals, what does their brand stand for, how do they set yourselves apart from their competitors in other words what is their unique selling point? From that we can evolve who their ideal clients are and what as a business do they want to say to them. This defines not just the ideal client but the brand voice and that is how we build a content profile which underpins every single piece of content going forward after that initial meet. Each month we would then assess who the company is trying to attract in terms of business on specific products or services or which pages they want Google’s attention on that month. and then we come up with titles that are Google specific for that month but underpinning that always is that initial content profile so that every piece we put out sounds the way the client wants to.

Hope versus intention

There are a lot of businesses out there that are putting content up and hoping it works or doing it because they feel they should. They may also have outsourced to a content service that will just churn out content for content’s sake without any intent behind it. Online content should reflect the way that a business speaks to their clients face to face or over the phone. People buy people, and most businesses should know what they want to say and who they want to say it to. Our service differs in that we get to know you and keep the dialogue open, always engaging with you to ensure the content is niche specific and targeted.

The ideal client is always shifting; from product or service or season to season. You need to constantly revisit the ideal client and the message because the market is always shifting and you will need to evolve to meet the market needs.

A lot of effort goes into a businesses homepage which is understandable. It’s where potential clients usually go first. But if a specific part of your service is really important then the page that talks about this needs to be elevated. You need to tell Google “this one is really important, please show my potentials.” That’s a business decision, who is your ideal client? What is important to them? How do you attract them? We talk about the reasons you add content to your website in next week’s blog and video.

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