We have recently discussed the merits of objection handling and the intricacies between handling a genuine objection / concern / question and appearing like you are pushing someone into a sale they may not want.

Are objections valid? Even if they are an excuse for a customer to take a pause from the sales process or is objection handling just trying to dispel the fear and negative feelings around buying the product and service? In this blog we discuss the types of objections and suggestions as to how you could approach them.

5 Basic Objections:




Time / Resource

Money / Funds

What are people saying within those objections?


My business isn’t ready?

I need to check with my partner / spouse?

I don’t want to get stuck in a contract

I don’t think it’s for us


How do I know it will work for me?

I don’t believe you

That doesn’t make sense to me

I have tried this before


I don’t need it

I am happy with that I have

I can do it on my own

I am happy with that I have got

Time / Resource:

I’m too busy right now

I don’t have any time for this

I have too much going on

Can I contact you in a few months?

Money / Funds:

I can’t afford it

It seems expensive

I can source cheaper

Cashflow is not good

What can we do as businesses to address these objections and concerns?


  • Does the customer not want to progress?

  • Is it not better to progress and reach your ideal client?

  • We need to reassure that we are here to help, that it will be effective and that they are not alone in the process.


With this we need to be clear as to why the customer needs this, what life might be like with the service and product and explain that other competitors will have the edge on them and will attract their ideal clients.


We need to offer proof that the service works, testimonials, examples, and statistics to back up our service.

Time / Resource:

We need to show they save time, that the process is not only simple, but they have little to do in that process, but they will get the maximum results.

Money / Funds:

We need to use figures (albeit estimates) to show that they gain from what they spend, neither video nor content service is expensive so this should be straight forward.

To sum up, this blog really was to look at the basic objections that you might come across during your sales process, and some ideas to think about but the broader discussion could be about why are there objections to handle? is this really a part of any sales process or do we increase the objections within the different approaches we use?

Could we adjust our approach depending on who we are and what our product or service is? questioning whether sales channels work for you and your business is a critical way in which you create a bespoke effective sales process. By mimicking sales processes ‘because they work elsewhere’ could potentially mean you sales message is general and fragmented sales journey that doesn’t make sense.

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About the Author: Joe James

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