The last 12 months have been on a personal and professional level one of the toughest times we have ever faced. Business crisis can come in many forms but it’s unlikely that any of us faced challenges like we have in the last year. So how do you stay visible, keep positive and ensure your messaging is sensitive but still business focused?

Brand values

The chances are that you defined your brand values long before the COVID-19 pandemic but with a shift in global consciousness and the pressures of lockdowns perhaps it’s time to look at them again. Do they still resonate with your business in the current circumstances? Do you brand values still encompass your ideal client and are you what they are looking for right now? Think of your brand values as the blueprint, your company bible, the core of what is important to you and ensure that every piece of content you put out reflects those.

Switch it up

If in the past you have had a general pattern of content that you put out, a crisis such as COVID-19 is definitely the time to switch what you create to reflect the changing world. If you don’t normally produce videos then perhaps this is the time to make that part of your content strategy. We’ve all become all too aware of how important human contact is especially when it’s taken away from us as it has been in the last year. Video messaging once or twice a week is a great way to reach out to your clients and see the human side of your brand and business. People buy people, that will always be true in business so if you’re speaking to your clients in a video, showing up, being visible and being present it definitely counts.


We’re not suggesting that you start holding daily press conferences as they did in Downing Street but let people know what’s going on that week. How has the crisis impacted your deliveries or the way you send goods? If staff are isolating and it means your team is down put it out there, make that part of your weekly content. It’s not that we delight in each other’s misery but knowing others are in the same boat as you creates a sense of community and will show that we’re all feeling it.

Be physically visible in crisis

So much of what we do in business has shifted online not just in the last decade but particularly in the last 12 months however there is still a place for face-to-face contact. Ensuring you adhere to government guidelines is important but perhaps if you’re the boss you could get out with your team and deliver goods, show your face at businesses, ask how they’re holding up, thank them for their custom and support. Use these visits as visibility opportunities and get pictures of the boss out delivering in a hands-on role then shout about that on your socials.

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