Whether it is the wedding industry and bridal wear or any other sector, you will always be competing in a busy online space. There will always be generic keywords such as wedding dress, wedding accessories, bridal gown and so on. It’s not obvious how you differentiate your brand when so many keywords are generic so the blog this week is about how we did just that for Velvet Queen.

A business that understands their brand

What made Velvet Queen so easy to develop a content strategy for is that the owner understands exactly who she is and what she wants her brand to stand for. In any industry or sector, you will always have people selling similar products or services, where you can develop a unique content strategy is in the difference in how they sell them and the customer experience of that brand. Velvet Queen is a brilliant example of how to carve out a niche and uniqueness in an established industry.

Velvet Queen has a very specific way they want to present themselves in the bridal industry. Diversity and inclusivity are paramount to this brand in its customer experience.

This is a bridal shop that wanted to create a safe space for everyone regardless of body shape, disability, race, gender or sexuality. This means a departure from the cookie-cutter wedding shop appointments and creating a unique experience for anyone tall, short or curvy; a place that celebrates our uniqueness and differences. How do you, therefore, ensure that all those values that run through the brand are reflected in the on-site content that is added whilst still hitting keywords and SEO requirements for the website to rank. The best way to demonstrate this unique content strategy is to go through some recent titles we created for Velvet Queen and show you how this works as part of the content strategy.

1.What is the average price of a wedding dress?

This is something someone would type into a search engine when planning their wedding and trying to ascertain the budget. Whilst of course the blog linked to a price range within the content that they can supply, the brand came through when we talked about value. We discussed in that piece of content the emotions that an individual feels on their wedding day and ensured that the content reflected the values of Velvet Queen in terms of celebrating the uniqueness of all its brides and that this feeling is not attributed to a price tag. It was about their brides believing that they are worthwhile.

2. Can I wear a suit to my wedding: unique alternative bridal looks.

Once again this could be a search term that goes into Google and yields results leading individuals to a certain brand or bridal shop. What it was about in terms of a piece of content was showing that you do not have to conform, that your wedding day is about you feeling comfortable. Velvet Queen wanted to show that you have permission to be your authentic self on your wedding day and that means wearing what really feels comfortable. Everyone is accepted and celebrated regardless of what they are wearing.

3.How to choose wedding accessories

Again you may well find blogs online that are instructional or will list out top tips for accessory shopping. Whilst this piece of content had an element of that to it, the Velvet Queen brand underpinned it in that it stressed there are no rules around weddings. You do not have to wear a veil or a tiara if you don’t want to. Outdated sayings around jewellery such as less is more, are from a set of wedding rules that does not reflect The Velvet Queen brand.

I hope that demonstrated through specific titles how you can have the best of both worlds; titles that will rank and feature in Google searches whilst still reflecting the uniqueness of the business brand.

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