The word content feels like one of those buzzwords that is continually thrown around by people in business and touted as the key to success but perhaps it’s never really clarified why it’s important and exactly what you should be doing. The other challenge of course is executing this quickly, so what is the answer?

“I really need to create content, but I’ve got no time!”

As with everything in life, time is usually the biggest barrier to a business creating its content. When you’ve invested so heavily in building your business from the ground upwards of course your very essence runs through that company. A lot of what you do and how you do it is often done best by you but if you reach the juncture in your business where you know it’s now time to scale up, doing everything in your business yourself is no longer practical or part of a realistic solution to scaling up. Onsite content creation is a massive part of increasing your online visibility and attracting your ideal client. It is a process that must happen week in week out so is it realistic to think that you will be the only person who can create content? Of course not, the role of the business owner is purely in the sales and marketing strategy of the business, talking about the value and results that your business brings to its customers is something to pass over to a content company.

Unsure who to talk to

Nailing your ideal client in your niche is the golden goose of business. This can however form barriers in the business owners head when it comes to content creation. They worry about who they’re going to talk to and what they’re going to say. We’ve talked before about nailing your niche and attracting your ideal client through content in our blog. If you are still unsure who that is, have a read and then spend some time thinking about why you are passionate about your business, the results you deliver for your clients, read your testimonials – why do people continue to come back and use you?

Where do you start with content?

When it comes to content, you probably hear 100 voices saying you need to network online, spend your time on LinkedIn, focus all your energy on social media or create videos. There’s nothing wrong with any of these ways of generating content but no matter what you do, if you are ready to scale up and are ambitious for your business growth, there is a wealth of evidence out there that states your customers buying journey exists on your website and therefore all your efforts with content should be about driving them back to your website to start that buying journey. They must be able to see your business online and therefore it must be optimised for search engines to rank it you must continue to add content. Much like an accountant or a hairdresser, no one keeps their own books or cuts their own hair and it is the same with content: you need to hand this vital part of your online success to a content company who can keep the flow of content constant, and add content that search engines like, so that you can focus on the sales and marketing of your business.

How to quickly create online marketing content

To remain focussed on your main role within your business which is sales and marketing, anything that distracts you from that needs to be handed over. There is a wealth of evidence that shows for a website to be visible, it will need to continually add content that search engines can rank. If you have taken the time to understand who your ideal client is, what you want to say and which elements of your products or service you want to talk about, then the answer is knot tie yourself up in knots about creating content; the solution is to hand this over to a content company that will ensure a continual flow of niche, specific targeted content that search engines rank.

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Published On: April 3rd, 2022 / Categories: Content Marketing, Digital Marketing /

About the Author: Joe James

Joe has been working in the world of online marketing for 15 years, he has a large amount of experience in SEO, social media, paid search and content marketing.