Ok, so another week another blog post. We have recently developed our brand and I wanted to share our experience with you in terms of how we considered our brand and how we wanted to be seen online.

One of the aspects of a rebrand that I found surprising is the notion of a rebrand being a natural step within the evolution of a business. Yes, a rebrand can refresh an out-of-date image or message, but it only occurred to me whilst going through this process that it felt like the brand was ‘growing up’ rather than simply making it better. It felt like you ’can’t really understand your brand and what needs to change until you have used a brand out in the real world. I guess this is the same for a business in general – it matures as ‘it’ gains more experience.

So, what did we consider?

Our Requirements

  • Brand was short and concise

  • Brand was easy to remember

  • Brand was easy to say and spell (consider this for domains and emails)

  • Brand reflected us as a business in terms of tone and professionalism

  • Brand gave a strong indication as to what our services are.

Domain and brand name

This is, for me, one of the more enjoyable parts of a rebrand, it allows for some word play and the feeling of infinite possibilities run through your veins as you consider your brand and domain name.

So, the name; well, we decided that we wanted something that encapsulates what we do and was easy to remember both in essence and when spelling out domain names/ emails. Yes, I hear you cry, don’t we all? Well of course, we all want a name that is catchy and describes our business but its not always possible or indeed workable.


  • Consider the future, will this brand still work in 10 years?

  • Keep it simple, easy to remember

  • Look for domain names before you settle on a name

  • Think about marketing material, will it straddle several different branded materials?

  • Does it have your personality? Is it in keeping with the ‘tone’ of your business?

We chose iContent as a brand name, and we are very pleased with it.

Brand look and feel

It is well worth noting that we based our brand on us. Many businesspeople say be your brand, meaning the brand and branded materials you use should reflect who you are so when choosing colours, for example, we choose colours we liked rather than adhering to any strict meanings of colours – yellow is luxury, red is passion, excitement etc.

We wanted bright and bold colours that show our personalities, and we also wanted a logo that reflected what we do in a more visual way. Our logo was therefore conceived from colours we liked and a simple way to reflect the conversation we have with our clients and the crossover with that and what their potential customers are saying. Our logo was born…

What are we saying here? Well, it’s very simple, conventional marketing techniques and teachings are good and can be very effective but ultimately if your brand doesn’t reflect who you are then it is hard to be proud of that brand.

Here is a good example, you can be a good salesperson without knowing any techniques, you go on a sales course and there will be techniques to close, techniques to get that sale, right? But I have been very successful in selling my own services why? Because I was myself and was passionate about what I do.

I had no formal training but had a strike rate of 9 out of 10, this is not blowing smoke here, this is an illustration that following the ‘rule book’ can sometimes distract you from the mission, and its very simple, this is the first time I, alongside my business partner Caroline, have been 100% proud of the branding, the website message, the look and feel of what we do in our branded material – why is this? Because everywhere you look you see two things:

1. Our personalities.

2. A very clear idea of what we do.

We ARE our business; we ARE what we do – and I couldn’t be prouder.

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About the Author: Joe James

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