If you’re a business owner with a successful company, then congratulations – you survived Brexit and the pandemic that is not to be sniffed at. All businesses have endured numerous challenges over the last few years including rising costs, continually increasing pricing, and the challenge of retaining talent in their workforce. The way that people live has transformed in the last couple of years, and you may well find yourself with a vastly different team or even staff shortages.

These changes may have forced you as a business owner to diversify to survive. Businesses and markets are always evolving but perhaps not at the same fast and unexpected rate as in recent years. When this happens generally a business re-examines its brand or thinks about the next steps for growth. With huge shifts online in the last few years, any company looking to scale and grow cannot neglect its online marketing. But what aspect of online marketing should you focus on first?

Brand voice

When considering online marketing whether that be Google ads, pay-per-click, sponsored posts, social media, or email marketing there is one element at the centre: content. Every element of online marketing should be part of an overarching content strategy that has your brand voice at the centre. That way anyone encountering your brand has a consistent feel at every touch point and this is because you have spent time evolving your brand voice and recognising your ideal clients.

Content broadcasts your brand sound

Most purchases of products or services take place on the website and therefore it stands to reason that you examine your website first to see if the way it speaks is aligned with your current brand and way of working. It needs to communicate to your ideal clients in such a way that they immediately identify that you are the company that will move them out of the fear or pain that they are in as part of their buying process. A website re-write must be thought through and considered but sometimes it stops people from taking steps forward.

How do you speak directly to your ideal clients?

So why not start to speak to this target audience through blog content or case studies. There is a wealth of evidence out there about how search engines need a continual flow of rest fresh relevant content to rank a website. But adding this kind of content isn’t just about your ranking, it’s about having a narrative with your customer. It’s the way that you show you understand them, and you have the answers to their problems.

Ready to level up, look at your website first.

Does it reflect who you are or the market you supply? If not, then you might want to think about changes that need to be made but, in the meantime, start a conversation with your market. Add blogs, articles, and case studies that can not only be part of your SEO ranking strategy; but they can also be emailed out to your client base and shared across your socials. Go after the business and the clients you want with targeted content. Don’t tailor your message, and compromise who you are by guessing your target audience. Be authentic and go after the next level, not the low-hanging fruit.

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About the Author: Joe James

Joe has been working in the world of online marketing for 15 years, he has a large amount of experience in SEO, social media, paid search and content marketing.