How do I stand out online? This is a very good question and one that is asked many times in our profession, ultimately, you may have products and services that many other people are offering, and your online strategy could well mirror those of many other businesses in your market. The question of standing out is really one that is a little more complex than it first appears.

If you are trying to stand out in business, does this mean you have to revisit what makes you unique? It could be argued that the mere fact you are ‘trying’ to stand out means you don’t really know what makes your brand unique.

I hear many of you saying ‘what are you talking about?’ Well, it’s like adopting a sales strategy that many other people use, that’s not really keeping your business identity, it is using a sales process that worked for someone else to see if you can get customers with it. Of course, this is not only a tried and tested approach, but it is proven to work. However, if you had a unique offering, a unique approach, and a specific target audience, by default it would create a unique sales process and therefore your online business would naturally stand out.

So, ask yourself, are you using a sales and content strategy that you would adopt in person? Or are you using someone else’s ideas to help sell your products and services? Ok, let me give you an example, telemarketing works, in some markets more than others, but it works – do I adopt that channel? No, why? Because my personal space is valuable and calls of this type are often scripted to keep the customer on the phone and engaged which is far from how I talk about and ultimately, sell our service.

I don’t adopt this way of selling because it isn’t me and I don’t see any way of making it ‘me’ and/or genuine. Catching someone unawares and engaging them in a sales process that wasn’t even considered until the person is called, just isn’t me and therefore it wouldn’t make me stand out. Please understand, that I am not ‘down’ on telemarketing, it just doesn’t work for me and wouldn’t allow me to stand out and be myself or indeed reflect what we are about as a company.

We recently worked with an awesome bridal company Velvet Queen, which is a business that completely understands its brand and therefore stands out. The owner, Nicola, wanted an online presence but her concern was the market was very much catering for the mainstream and her ethos was about inclusion and diversity. We worked with her to curate some blogs and content that found the balance between subjects and topics that are very relevant to today’s bridal market and include diversity and acceptance of all types of brides, but without focusing too much on that element. In other words, inclusion and diversity were paramount to who she was and how the brand was unique, but she also didn’t want to make it just about diversity and inclusion.

The question here is not ‘how do I make my brand standout online’ but more ‘what makes our brand unique’.

If you take the time to understand your brand, focus on the products and services you want to push, understand that it is you and your team that make your brand unique and speak to customers the way you would in person, you will stand out online even in a crowded space such as bridal wear.

If you are confident and secure in your brand, you know exactly who you are and what you are about, then broadcasting that message becomes one that is focused, unique and the channels you use will complement that message.

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About the Author: Joe James

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