Build Content Confidently

Everything starts at the beginning. You could smash out a spreadsheet filled with posts but if the intention is not there then this will purely be lip service. What do we mean by that?

Start with intent

If you throw out content that looks nice, has your brand colours and some passable text then you may feel you’ve ticked that box. But you don’t want to tick boxes, you want your ideal client to be scrolling through their phone when they see your post and say “yes that’s me! That’s what I need!”. Given the majority of content is viewed on a phone now, you have as long as it takes for someone to scroll to catch their attention. It’s important to be authentic and really drill down into the intention behind each post which should reflect either some internal conversations or discussions with your senior leadership team

It’s important to be authentic and really drill down into the intention behind each post

  • Who is our ideal client?

  • What is our mission?

  • Where do we want to get to?

  • What gets us out of bed in the morning?

  • How do we help people?

If you have gone through this process and have the answers then you have the foundations of your content strategy.

What is strategy?

A dictionary will define the word strategy as meaning a plan of action that is designed to achieve a long-term overall aim. Is your goal to grow 25% in a year? Do you want to increase online sales? Do you want to attract a different client than your current customer base? Whatever the company’s overall goals, mission and objectives are; these should align with your content strategy. In other words, your content that you put out across your website and on your socials must have those defined goals reflected in it.

  • Step two – understand your audience and know who is your ideal client.

  • Step three – perform analysis before you begin. You will need KPIs such as website traffic, Leeds, direct messages to measure your success against.

  • Step four – understand your USP is, what sets you apart from your competitors, how will you make your content stand out next to theirs?

  • Step five – ensure you have a good understanding of your brand blueprint. This means you know the colours and images that reflect both your brand and that will speak to your ideal client.

  • Step six – develop a content plan and calendar detailing exactly what you will be putting out on which day.

  • Step seven – ensure this content plan sits alongside a visibility tracker. The only way to measure what has worked and the results is by being able to look back and clearly analyse successful posts.

There is no one size fits all with content strategy but if you are tracking and measuring what produces leads then it will naturally evolve alongside your business.

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About the Author: Joe James

Joe has been working in the world of online marketing for 15 years, he has a large amount of experience in SEO, social media, paid search and content marketing.