I can hear you now thinking what are the two M’s in a business.

They are Money and Meaning. Let’s be honest here no-one starts a business to not make money and it’s ok to want to make money from doing the work we love. How money flows into your business is something we will look at this month.

Money is what we exchange for the work we do. We are paid for the value we bring to someone’s life; they get the value from our product or service.

Meaning is what we have behind our business idea. It’s the reason you started your business in the first place.

It’s the Why! If you have thought about this, great; this can just be a reminder. If you haven’t let’s look at why it’s so important.

In a project called the Red Goldfish Project over 200 companies were specifically looking at how brands bring purpose to life. The research database includes over 700 articles and nearly 3,500 videos.

According to Gallup, Words don’t matter as much as action does when you are communicating to an organisation, employees, and customers.

Why did you start your business? Take a moment and pause and think about this. Are you building your business on purpose?

Looking at the above pictures, which one do you fit into?

How knowing your Why helps you in your business Journey

We all know that building a business we will be faced with many challenges. Knowing your Why is the reason you keep going. It’s the reason you will look for solutions to the problems rather than an excuse to close the business. It’s the reason you want to drive your business forward. It’s the reason that makes sense to you, but we often shy away from sharing our Why with our friends and family. If people know your why, they can support you better in those challenges times. People can connect you to like-minded people that will support your Why.

They began to see a pattern. Brands would typically fall into one of eight purpose archetypes

How great leaders inspire

But what about our customers knowing our WHY?

We sell the product, and we sell the service, but this must be one of the best things I have ever heard:

“People don’t buy what you do or how you do it, they buy why you do it”

Not convinced then watch this amazing talk on just that by one of my favourite speakers Simon Sinek. I get not everyone can like the same thing so if you don’t connect with him focus on the message, he is giving about WHY. Why we do something is so important and how we communicate that makes a massive difference to our Business Message for our customers.

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