Doing something is always better than doing nothing right? Taking positive action by adding content to your website as part of your sales strategy can only be a good thing and no, we’re not talking about continually rewriting your website. We have discussed the impact of inactivity on your website in a prior blog, what happens if I do nothing on my website. To expand on that discussion, there is perhaps a better way to title this blog

“What happens if I do SOMETHING to my website”.

The point being many people start a business knowing they need a website to reinforce trust and integrity. A website is designed and written with relevant keywords and messaging… and then they just leave it. Sometimes for years.

If your website is a homepage, services, contact page and about us plus perhaps a list of products then it is simply that: a brochure of your business.

The potential for your website is so much more:

  • A way for people to find out about your business

  • A source of lead generation

  • Sales tool so that your customers can take a journey through your buying process

  • A vehicle for your brand voice

  • Part of your social media strategy

We need to get past the disconnect between on and off-line sales.

If your website is just a holding zone for information on your business and essentially a brochure, then think about it in terms of entering a shop. When you physically enter a shop and want to find out some information or ask where to find certain products or services, you’d be more than slightly annoyed if a shop assistant simply said, “here is one of our brochures”. But that is precisely what you are doing when you have a static website.

SEO and content

There is a wealth of information in the public domain on the importance of SEO and how a continual flow of content to your website is a massive part of how your business ranks in search engines. If you don’t continually add content to your website that reacts to your markets search terms, then not only does it negatively impact your site, you are simply not using a huge tool that can increase traffic and therefore leads and sales.

How does taking action on your site increase leads

If you continually add a flow of relevant, engaging, specific content, it not only help search engines rank and index your site but if it’s done thoughtfully in a blog, case study or article that you know your ideal clients will be interested in, you start to build trust and expertise. All the major search engines understand your site much better and know exactly where to file those pages. When you capitalise on this by also sharing these to your social media pages, then you increase online visibility and importance on those vital platforms. Your audience starts to understand your brand voice and how you add value or could deliver results for them.

Start your sales journey: your client is in the door

A consistent flow of content that is found on social media but encourages people to click back to your site, gives your business an opportunity to start them on your sales journey. When an individual walks into a shop they want to be handed more than a brochure, they want to see products or services that are clearly signposted and tailored to their requirements.

After all you’ve gone through the major stumbling block: your client is over the threshold. When this happens online through optimisation, that client still expects to see beautiful displays, useful indicators and be directed to the online area of the store that can help them.

What happens if you don’t add content to your website

If you have a successful business that you’re ready to scale up and grow that it makes no sense not to utilise your website as part of your growth and marketing strategy. Content that helps you get visible online can only be a positive step. The alternative is to leave your website static and dormant which is what happens without a flow of content. The sensible choice therefore for ambitious businesses keen to level up us is to start using your website as a lead generation tool.

Published On: May 27th, 2022 / Categories: Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy /

About the Author: Joe James

Joe has been working in the world of online marketing for 15 years, he has a large amount of experience in SEO, social media, paid search and content marketing.