To put it simply, your brand voice is what you say with the passion of your products and services behind it and with your ideal customer or target audience in mind. The tone of your brand is the mood and emotion of that brand and how you deliver your brand message. The broadcasting part can feel overwhelming so let’s try to unpick the most effective way to broadcast your brand.

Examples of brand voice

Let’s look at some examples of well-known brands and what you understand by their branding. Google is friendly, thoughtful, and academic. It positions itself as a bank of knowledge, a library of information but its brand colours feel clear and simple, so it feels accessible and not too scholarly.

Nike tends to be inspirational and it’s famous saying Just do it is globally known. You get the sense with Nike products that you will be able to achieve the impossible in terms of physical challenges.

What is your brand voice

If you have a clear idea of what you want to market but no real sense of your brand then read our blog on the process that we went through. There are some useful hints and tips about how the iContent brand came into being that may help to steer you.

It could be that you really want to bounce some ideas and thoughts about understanding your brand voice. Sometimes we just need to get out of your own head and really crystallise what it is we are trying to do. If you want to work through a process, and we can support you through that with our Online Visibility Masterclass. It’s process we take you through step by step but leaves you feeling completely clear about what your business stands for.

Where do you broadcast your brand voice

In my video yesterday, I told you that the answer to this is it everywhere.

Not helpful right?

Whether you are online or off-line marketing that statement can feel overwhelming. Believe me, I have been where you are: ambitious to grow and scale up your business but feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with where to target first. The various social media platforms may feel dizzying and, in some instances, uncomfortable.

Online marketing broadcast through Instagram is simply not the same as broadcasting your brand voice through LinkedIn. The answer to this is starting with a social media platform that you feel comfortable with. It is there that you can hone your brand voice without feeling overwhelmed in your thought process before you start to tweak that voice on a different platform.

The doing is often where the learning takes place so don’t be afraid to start talking online before you know what your brand is. Its those open and honest posts where you start to develop as a businessperson and understand your brand voice.

Here are some tips:

  • Build your confidence

  • Be yourself

  • Measure what works

  • Speak for a place of passion

  • Don’t contrive your message into what you think your audience want to hear or sound like your competitors

Choosing one platform really does simplify your broadcasting. That said, you must start with the website. That is where your brand voice should be clearest, and your messaging should be specific. You should be able to look at your homepage feel that it sounds like you and it has content that you are proud of. As well as containing all your industry keywords, in the first sentence of your website It should be clear who you help, what you help them to do and how you do that. When you have been through a branding process and are clear about your business, the website site should write itself.

  • Get who you help, what you help them with and the how on your homepage

  • Tap into fears and emotions of your customers on that homepage

  • The about page needs to reflect your passion

  • Use 3 to 5 questions are often asked by clients and their answers as a framework for your service page

Brand voice comes from a place of passion and authenticity. Don’t try to be anything other than who you are. A brand and its voice are successful when it is real. When branding comes from that place of honesty the tone and voice will come naturally you will want to shout it from the rooftops.

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