For those people who understand how powerful a blog is for SEO and rankings, it’s likely they are in no doubt about their blogs subject matter. Those businesses understand that blog pages rank like other page on their website and know that a blog or an article is a powerful opportunity to use keywords to help with rankings and increase traffic. There is however a point where content ideas seem to run out and even businesses that use the blog page in this way run short on ideas.

Do you talk to your industry or your clients?

A blog is still seen sometimes as a vehicle for talking about your staffing changes or industry news and awards. Of course, those topics have value within your professional world and in industry led forums such as LinkedIn, we expect to see this kind of content. It also works well in a newsletter. In terms of your customers however and what your market is searching for or in respect of search engines such as Bing or Google, it’s highly unlikely that they have an interest in your new apprentice.

Each individual blog can rank in its own right

When you begin to understand that the blog page is in fact a page which ranks on its own merits and therefore could potentially throw up results for anyone searching for those terms, then a business begins to use their blog page much more strategically and effectively. There is the danger of an element of detachment by going down this road, however. What I mean by this is do not lose sight of your passion and why are you do what you do. If you keep the results you achieve for your client and the value you bring for them in the centre of all content, then it will remain authentic rather than a tick list of keywords.

Online vs offline

We have said it before, but it comes up time and again, there is a disconnect in the minds of business owners between how they speak and communicate online in comparison to the way they engage face-to-face and off-line.

Imagine you are a recruitment consultant. You have set up a stand at a job fair.

It means you’re physically slap bang in the middle of a room full of potential candidates and they will expect you to engage with them in a non-pushy, warm manner. How would you approach interested people? You might have signs on your stand drawing them to your “shop window”. You would likely have branding, perhaps some leaflets or brochures so that they have something to take away the piques their interest.

If they stop at your stand, how would you communicate with them and impart information about the value of your service. Would it be spammy and pushy? Anyone who’s any good at sales will understand it’s about listening to the client, getting a handle on their fears and emotions, and then gently discussing solutions that might solve the problems. And that’s exactly how you should approach the blog. Be aware of your customers, come back to that person in the room and the questions they’d likely have. Show empathy and point them gently towards resources on your website that are helpful or products or services that solve their problems.

What should I talk about my business blog

The answer is therefore to discuss and hold conversations in blog content in the same way that you would in a meeting, over the phone or in person.

Whilst you do need to bear in mind your industry keywords and SEO, create content that is filled with passion, value, and results. If you are continually engaging with your ideal clients then you will know what problems they have that you can address in specific blog content.

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About the Author: Joe James

Joe has been working in the world of online marketing for 15 years, he has a large amount of experience in SEO, social media, paid search and content marketing.