We are often asked about content, we are asked why it is necessary and often conclude that many business owners need more information about what content is, and why it works so well.

Let’s start with what content means. Web content refers to anything visual, written or in aural form on a website or platform. In other words, content can be written, video, images, sounds and a mixture of all those forms. When we refer to content, it normally begins with text and images, which is predominantly our most popular service; blog creation and distribution, but it can be supported by a video, which we often do, and can also be exclusively something you listen too, such as a podcast.

So, content can be many things, but it is essentially a way in which we can communicate to others, our own message, and in the case of business owners, a way in which to communicate to existing customers and potential new clients.

Website content for your online shop

We now have a context to why we need to add content, it is a very effective way in which business owners can communicate to potential clients and keep existing clients forward. “Ok”, I hear you say, “I get that, people have been communicating in a variety of different ways since the first business began, but why do I need to add content to my website?”

Now I may be a little flippant here as you all know a website can work for you in terms of generating business but let’s dive a little deeper…

In the first instance, your website is essentially your shop online. It’s a customer facing channel that has become very important as most ‘actions’ in business and with consumers are either online or have an equivalent to what offline offers (a banks website instead of a branch).  You can then start to see how adding useful content is important to your customers, you need to be able to give a good representation of your business online, one that makes sense and reflects what you would do in person or in a shop.

“Right, got it!” I hear you say,

I need to add content to my site that is helpful and informative”

Yes, you do but it goes further than that. Adding content is very important to help your potential customers understand your product and service and decide if it is for them or not, but there are a few more considerations.

Ensure your content is unique

One of the more common things I see with websites, and I have done this in the past, is to add content that is either influenced by the general market or is added in a very informative and bland way – much the same as you would say about ‘stock’ images being potentially void of a company’s personality.  Adding content to your site must be about the customer obviously but it is so important that it is also about you, the business owner. It is very simple; what sets your business aside from any other is you and your team, the unique set of knowledge, skills and personality that makes your business. People buy people, so it makes sense to ensure your website, and any content you produce, not only gives the customer what they need to know about your products or services but what they need to know about you, as a business.

For example, the way this blog is written is me, it’s how I communicate, I am honest and open and don’t always adhere to conventions, such as keeping this blog in the third person and written in a more salesy way. I write as if I am in the room, discussing this with you, so you know, if you have a meeting with me, I will be down to earth, know my stuff and be approachable. That may not appeal to everyone, but it will appeal to the people I want to work with.

Prequalify with targeted content

You see, a huge mistake business owners make – and this is only in my opinion –  is they treat all customers the same, they use general content that hopefully appeals to as many people as possible regardless of their type, whereas our content (at iContent) is targeted to a certain type of business and a certain type of business owner, why? Well because we have realised that by doing this, we prequalify our potential clients, to an extent, and there in lies the key to our success. It’s the simple understanding that we want to work with people who understand us, value us, and know we offer a service that will make our customers proud and show we value them.

So why add content to your site? To speak to your customers, inform them and to showcase your business.

How do I add content to my site? Ensure you are adding value, don’t add content for contents sake, really think about who you are, what you want to say and what your customers want to hear.

Adding content on a regular basis is proven to engage customers, speak to different stages of a customer’s journey, increase brand awareness and most importantly, is proven to increase leads to your website.

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About the Author: Joe James

Joe has been working in the world of online marketing for 15 years, he has a large amount of experience in SEO, social media, paid search and content marketing.