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Content has been really important to your search rankings for a few years now, but with the latest core update, Google ranks quality content as more important than ever before. If you have a business website that you want to push up the search rankings and reach your customers, you have to publish regular, quality content that demonstrates that you are an expert in your industry.

This is the only way to approach content and online marketing in 2021 and beyond, as this is how Google will evaluate your website and rank you for search terms that your potential customers are searching for.

What does Google say about content?

The core update from Google has shifted the focus towards content in a big way. No longer is good content a desirable factor when measuring the success of your website, it is now a primary factor. Google suggests that you should focus on delivering the very highest quality of content that you can. The Google algorithms are searching for fresh, innovative, authoritative content that matters to the user (your potential customers).

Essentially, in 2021, high-quality content will still be king when it comes to deciding ranking positions. With this in mind, the E-A-T guidelines that were first published back in 2013 have become even more relevant.

The Google algorithms are searching for fresh, innovative, authoritative content that matters to the user

What is E-A-T?

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. They are key factors when optimising a website’s ranking within the SERPs. It was a Google document that was designed as a guide to what Google looks for in a web page. E-A-T is an important part of the search process for Google, especially in certain areas and topics. Where a topic is subjective or for fun, E-A-T might not be that relevant, but if a user is searching for answers on a topic that requires authoritative and accurate answers it becomes very important.

Google uses E-A-T to determine how trustworthy a website is and whether or not it is an authoritative source of information on certain topics. When it comes to websites selling products and services relating to health, finance or any wealth of other products where accurate information is an important part of the process, E-A-T is a useful principle to live by. If Google sees your website as trustworthy and home to content that is accurate, it is more likely to be successful in the search rankings.

So, what should your content look like?

Take a look at what you currently offer and see if it fits with what Google expects of quality websites. There are a few key basic concepts that must be followed when it comes to content:

  • Content must always be original, with in-depth research, analysis and information about a specific to

  • Content must provide a comprehensive description of the topic in question.

  • The content must be insightful, interesting to the reader and offer additional value and information that the reader might not otherwise know.

  • All content must be unique and should be neither an exact copy nor a re-hash of existing content elsewhere on the Internet.

  • The idea behind every single piece of content should be that if you were a reader, you would bookmark the page and/or share the content with other people. If it is not interesting enough to you, why should any other person look at it, and you won’t see the benefit in terms of SEO.

  • Your content should be useful to the reader and have a purpose. It should never be created solely as a way of guessing what users are searching for in order to boost your search rankings.

  • Content should always work within the framework of the website and the customer journey, complementing all other aspects of the work you do with your website, not as a standalone feature that serves no purpose.

The latest Google core update did indicate that E-A-T would be one of the main factors of this update and this would mean that content is more important than ever before. It is so important that the content published on your website is rich, so as well as the above you should be looking to implement the following:

  • Research thoroughly – looking at what consumers are searching for and the successful pathways that they take.

  • Create and regularly update buying personas – understanding what type of content works best with each customer type.

  • Test content types to see what works best with your audience over time.

Should I update existing content?

On top of creating fresh, new, original content that speaks volumes about your service and entices new customers in, your old content could also use a fresh pair of eyes. By evaluating old content on your website and identifying which pages rank well with Google and which pages are underperforming, you can begin to see a pattern that helps you figure out the correct pathway for future content. Additionally, optimising old content helps Google to work out what it is that your website offers and helps you to find the right audience. Evergreen content is great for SEO and with some tweaks and little additions here and there you can ensure your old content sparkles like new. This could be in the form of new videos and images, checking for broken links, and keeping the written content simple and understandable, as well as accurate.

The user experience should always be a priority. As the latest Google updates prioritise high-quality content that is fresh, authoritative and improves the user experience, your goal for 2021 is to focus on publishing that type of content. Producing content that works for users and pleases Google in terms of search rankings, is exactly what we do here at Easy Strategy. Content is King and our content is impeccable. For a consultation with our SEO and content strategy experts, contact us today and we’ll be happy to sit down with you for a chat about your content goals for 2021 and beyond. Google have referenced there developer guidlines recently when mentioning the December core update: Google Guidelines.

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